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Designing a conference or a workshop can have its challenges – where to start, venues, guest speakers, agendas? Working across a wide range of industries we have developed great tips and insight into how to maximise your event and deliver that “wow” factor whilst still achieving the goals of your business. People Assets provides all size businesses with support on all aspects of event management, keynote speakers and conference support – we love it all.

Services include:

  • Key note speaker

  • Conference host / MC

  • Event management

  • Team training sessions

  • Conference workshops

  • Workshop and meeting facilitation

Specialised Sessions include:

  • Translating the HR Soft Skills into your Business Advantage

  • Creating your Own Uniqueness - generationally, organisationally and individually

  • Creating Your New Workplace

  • Building your competitive advantage through both your brand and your team

  • What is our Value Proposition?

  • What is this thing called Succession Planning ?

  • Controlling the room - the Art of achieving the outcome you want

  • What are the so called "Hot Keys" of my teams drivers?

  • Building the Culture I Want

  • Strategy Building that's more than a plan - it drives the organisational dream

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We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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