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Jaycar is an Australia-based retailer dealing in electronic components and related products for electronics enthusiasts. It was founded in 1981 when Gary Johnston, a former Dick Smith Electronics employee, purchased John Carr & Co. Pty Ltd.


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With 20 members in Australia and 6 in New Zealand, the combined buying power of more than $3 Billion (AU) provides a group of strong generalist retailers to category dominant specialists delivering a wide range of products and services.


Australian Breastfeeding Association

Breastfeeding is recognised as important by all Australians and is culturally normal. As Australia’s leading authority on breastfeeding, we support, educate and advocate for a breastfeeding inclusive society.


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Tech Brands

Electus Distribution is the wholesale arm of Jaycar Electronics. They are a standalone business unit that offers a wide range of products to retailers, independent resellers and OEM/Service providers across the ANZ market.


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Beko is the international home appliances brand of the Arçelik Group. They have managed to grow on a global scale thanks to our efficiencies in manufacturing along with their environmentally friendly and eco-award winning products.


Australian Oyster Coast

Australia’s Oyster Coast is an innovative Australian company and an internationally recognised brand. Our heart and soul is in the oyster industry, with our shareholders including over 45 of Australia’s leading oyster growers who operate across 13 estuaries all along the unspoilt East Coast of New South Wales. Australia’s Oyster Coast is unique as it produces three varieties of premium oysters, including the Rock oyster, the rare Angasi ‘flat oyster’ and the popular Pacific oyster. These oysters are grown under rigorous environmental management systems in some of the world’s cleanest waters by passionate growers with

generations of experience. 


The growers of Australia’s Oyster Coast produce premium oyster species for sale to select partner outlets and high-end restaurants across Australia. The company and it’s growers place a particular emphasis on the native species of oysters, namely the Rock Oyster, which is fast becoming favoured by foodies due to it’s complex flavour profile and wide ranging seasonality. Our Australia’s Oyster Coast Trail extends for over 1200 kilometres along some of Australia’s most beautiful coastline. The Trail allows visitors to taste the distinctive and exceptional flavours of our world-class oysters, learn about oyster cultivation from our growers, and experience the natural beauty of Australia’s Oyster Coast first-hand

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the GrantEd Group

The GrantEd Group helps develop research, engagement, and people for impact; accelerating your success by sharing proven methodologies for funding, strategy, and planning. ​​We act as trusted advisors to our clients, providing practical advice and exceptional service to accelerate their success.

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Road Tech Marine

Whether you are looking to trick out your 4WD and camper trailer or you belong to the growing army of those affectionately known as the "Grey Nomads", they'd like to help you take more of your comforts from home on the road!


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Sargeants was established in 1978 and is now the largest network of professional conveyancers in Victoria. Their aim is to make buying and selling real estate a pleasure and they have over 150,000 satisfied clients.


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For over 20 years PIM has been creating experiences, engaging consumers and pushing the boundaries of brand immersion. So if the time has come for your brand to surprise and delight its consumers or start a relationship with some new ones, you’re in the right place.


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Fantastic Furniture

Fantastic Furniture started as a market stall at Sydney’s Park-lea Markets in 1989, by friends Paul Harding and Jonathan De Jong, selling outdoor furniture. Two years later, the first Fantastic Furniture public store opened at Birkenhead Point, New South Wales.

ORC International

ORC combine real market evidence from multiple sources with industry expertise to uncover the truth about your business and fuel your most important decisions, from idea through to action, so you can optimise today, differentiate tomorrow and win in the future.

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ROC Partners

Roc Partners is a leading alternative investment manager specialising in private equity in the Asia Pacific region. Roc Partners was established as an independent, alternative investment management firm following the management buy-out of the Macquarie Group’s private markets business unit by its senior executives in June 2014. The Roc Partners business has been in continuous operation since 1996 with over 32 staff located across Sydney, Hong Kong and Shanghai. Roc Partners has one of the largest and most experienced alternative investment teams in the Asia Pacific region.

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A love of Tech is only half the story

Brother and sister team Tim and Sophie Swann love digital technology and in 2003 as the market for digital accessories was beginning to grow they saw an opportunity to provide quality and stylish phone cases from Melbourne to the World.


Fourteen years later Cygnett products are sold in over 200,000 retail outlets through 42 countries. The range includes over 100 digital accessory products, including cables, chargers, cases and a full range of Power Banks. Based in Melbourne the business has a team of passionate design and quality driven experts who strive to ensure every Cygnett product is beautifully crafted, packaged and delivered to customers.

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