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Gary Johnston
Managing Director, Jaycar Electronics Group

“Please be advised that I have known Nicky for over 17 years. In that time she has operated as our sole H.R. consultant. By ‘consultant’ I simply do not mean advisor. Nicky completely manages all of the company HR issues. We have no in-house HR staff at all. When Nicky took over HR at the Jaycar Group we had approx 250 employees. Today we have over 1000 Employees in 5 countries. Despite this, she still has time to give personal service to us. We have not been fobbed off to one of her staff.

When talking to colleagues in other industries but similar size to our own I am amazed to find that they have HR departments that amount to up to twenty people. To repeat Nicky does our work on her own.

I am hoping to give you some idea just how capable this person is. She can analyse a problem and come up with a solution in a very short time indeed. Considering the minefield that HR is these days its astonishing that the number of court days we have had to endure during her tenure here can be counted with the fingers on your hands.

Nicky tells me that she wishes to expand her portfolio to other areas of general business consulting.

Based on the ongoing and extremely satisfying relationship that Nicky has developed with us I see no reason why she should not be as successful with this new venture as she already accomplishes.”


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Michael Jackson
Chief Executive Officer, Narta

Nicky Mackie has been consulting to our organisation for over 20 years.

During this time not only have we grown and evolved to a market leading multi-billion-dollar organisation, but we have also witnessed Nicky’s growth as a person and as a professional leader, evolving and adjusting to meet the needs of her clients.

Nicky is integrated in many parts of our business across, Human resources, our culture, strategic direction, and business plan. Her greatest value is her ability to listen, understand our business needs and then develop our executive team to be better leaders.


As an innovative leader herself Nicky works closely with our team identifying their blind spots and then through her greatest strengths of coaching and mentoring helps grow our people, establishes frameworks and methods to coach our team and then through regular engagement and follow up provides a reflective approach in mentoring our people to maximise their growth, performance and align to our ethos “Culture of Accountability”


Jack Farlow
Personal Coaching and Development Attendee

“A couple of years back I undertook an amazing personal development program under the guidance and training of Nicky Mackie.


When I started, I ‘knew everything’ and sometimes became easily angered by my inability to understand criticism or conflict from supervisors.  

The program identified ways for me to improve on my communication with other departments and supervisors and ways for me to grow on the strengths I already possessed.


During the face to face training I received, an email came through that made me want to recede into fire up mode.


Nicky listened to my concerns, identified my triggers and helped me overcome them. This was done by asking me to reflect critically for a moment in my response.


The outcome-based on that one day’s experience and the reply I got received changed my management style from that point on.

Following the training my status within the business greatly improved and people in high positions started to not just actively listen, but also want my input.

Previously I had been told what to do, now I was being asked what to do.

Nicky assisted me in developing the skills to become a stronger leader and ultimately do some honest self-reflection about the person I was. Thanks to her personalised coaching and leadership program I have become more confident, assertive, concise and gained perspective in my professional and personal life. ”


Bing Lee Logo.PNG
Chris Murphy
Head of Retail Bing Lee 

WOW…………….. Nicky Mackie is one of a kind, a business leader who really understands the most important asset in a business…….. PEOPLE

Some people say they do, Nicky does.

I have had the pleasure of working with Nicky on numerous occasions and Nicky brings a strategic and action orientated influence on people and culture.

Nicky challenges the norm and challenges you to get it right and makes sure that the people and culture platform is the centre of every business decision.

Success is measured in many ways, sometimes you have to be first, sometimes you to have to be different, sometimes you have to be better…………..

Nicky is the best……..


Yours in People and Culture


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Kim Reed 
Principal - Sargeants Bayside

I meet Nicky when my work life balancing act was starting to become a struggle.


My small family business of 4 was growing at a rate that I couldn’t keep up with let alone lay the infrastructure for the growth that was to come and is still coming.


In 2 years, we have gone from 4 staff to 12, bigger overheads and much needed systems and processes to be put in place, from basic reception duties through to HR contracts and policies.

By the end of my first meeting with Nicky the stress and pressure I was putting myself under was instantly lifted.


Since then Nicky has helped me to get things back on track and facilitate all my ideas into practical systems and processes and opened my eyes to things, I didn’t know were possible and to be focused on the things that count.


Nicky helped me find the clarity and confidence to pave the path towards my dreams, when at times I felt it was too hard.


I am now more in tune with what my business needs, more accountable, and have goals in place to maximise my time at work and simplify my life away from work. My work life balance has been restored and I’m now getting things ticked off the list instead of drowning in the list.


Anything is achievable when you are shown the way how and have the support and mentoring from Nicky. I’m now working toward ticking things off my list I never dreamed possible.


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