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Being a Leader with Flaws - walking proudly out of your self imposed shadow.

Is my name Nicky, Nicole or Nic Nic? Its Nic Nic, a leader who walks proudly with her flaws.

The leader who bravely and courageously accepts her raw self, all her inner voices as what authenticity really is.

Following a personal master explosion, the bottom put me in a place to regroup all aspects of my life back into perspective of what it can be, rather than what I think it should be.

Identifying and owning my good, bad, and ugly - and accepting their role as a voice to listen to, to notice, and deciding who to give the stage too. Thanks @Rob White for your courage.

What really matters in my life, leadership and in business is valuing being authentic and raw in all my layers, trust me I have a few both physically and mentally.

Join me in hearing more about my raw capture of how authenticity is judged through so many lenses, which one do you want to see yourself through?

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